Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Macintosh Apple Chick'n Sandwich

My husband and I recently ate here, and absolutely fell in love. At first glance, the menu was nothing special for a vegetarian; they only had the obligatory veggie burger. When we looked a little more, we realized that everything can be made vegetarian (turns out, one of the owners is a vegetarian)!! So if you are ever in Winston-Salem, I highly suggest checking out Finnigan's Wake.

At lunch, I had the Granny Smith Chicken Sandwich, and they subbed the chicken breast for a Quorn naked Chik'n Cutlet. Of course, I wanted to recreate this sandwich when I returned home, and recreate I did! And I LOVED the result! This will probably be my staple lunch sandwich for quite a while.  The cheddar cheese goes great with the apple slices, and the honey mustard adds the tanginess that every sandwich needs. These cutlets can be a bit dry, so the sauce helps a lot with that, also.

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Macintosh Apple Chick'n Sandwich

1 Chick'n cutlet, toasted (careful not to toast it too long; they get really hard and crunchy, not in a good way)
a few thin slices of a macintosh apple
a few thin slices cheddar cheese (the sharper the better)
a few leaves fresh spinach
honey mustard
1 hamburger bun, or other sandwich bread

1. Assemble

2. Consume

3. Love

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