Friday, May 20, 2011


If you attend Florida State University, you are probably aware of the amazing vegetarian lunches served in the Student Life building (previously in the International Student Center). These are colloquially referred to as "Krishna Lunches", because the head chef, Daru, is a Hare Krishna who also runs a local yoga center. And he cooks amazing vegetarian Nepalese/Indian food every day.

Halava is one of his most common desserts, and Daru calls it a "helluva good dessert" (which is a good way to remember it!). Not the most healthy, but when is a dessert actually healthy? When I made it for myself, I reduced the butter and sugar by about 25% each, and it was fine, though not quite as good. Below I've listed "fruit" as an ingredient, and really, you can use anything you want. This time I used about 4 oz of canned pineapple, but I've made it previously with about 1/4 cup blueberry ginger compote, and that was my favorite. You could do chocolate, peanut butter, or just about anything you can think of.

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1 cup cream of wheat
2 cups water
1 stick vegan butter
1 cup sugar

1. Have two saucepots at the ready. In one pot, combine the water, sugar and fruit. In the other, melt the butter and add the cream of wheat.

2. Heat the cream of wheat for 3-5 minutes; until it becomes toasty.

3. Meanwhile, the water/sugar/fruit should be boiling. Once its boiled and the sugar is completely dissolved, carefully stir in the cream of wheat mixture.

4. Keep it on the heat for about a minute, but be careful because it will probably splatter a little. You can turn the heat down if it starts splattering a lot.

5. Remove from heat and keep stirring until it becomes thick. Serve warm. 

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