Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cheese-stuffed figs

I had eaten fresh figs exactly twice before making this recipe. The first time was at Kool Beans in Tallahassee, and the second time was at a beginning-of-the-semester psychology department party here in Winston. Both times were amazing, and I realized that there really wasn't much to making stuffed figs. I think the reason they seem fancier than they are is because hardly anyone has eaten a stuffed fig! So, I consulted mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian (which you should buy) and learned all about figs. They are in season in the late summer/early fall and once ripe are only good for a day or so. Buy them ripe and use asap. A ripe fig will be soft to the touch and oozing a little juice. Cut off the stem and pop the whole thing in your mouth - fresh figs are so soft, juicy and delicious, they're like eating candy.

For this recipe I used a combination of chevre goat cheese and gorgonzola cheese, but you could use your favorite creamy cheese.
From Food pics

Friday, September 7, 2012

Light-as-air gnocchi

I like gnocchi, but EJ has had some less-than-awesome experiences. I had heard that they’re pretty easy to make, and I tried it once, with bad results. The taste was all right, but the gnocchi were heavy and doughy when they should have been light and airy. After that day I stayed away from gnocchi for a bit, until one day I ordered them in a restaurant in Chapel Hill and was reminded of how wonderfully delicious a properly made gnocchi can be. Gnocchi should be light and airy, should melt in your mouth, and should be accompanied by fresh vegetables and preferably high quality cheese (or cheese substitute). And so I did my research and have since come up with a recipe that made EJ decide he actually liked gnocchi!

From Food pics