Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Apple-Carrot-Ginger Juice

Demitri Martin thinks that oranges were named before carrots...I think he must be right.

Anywho - I got my juicer about a year ago. They can be expensive, so I got a refurbished one from Amazon. Its worked great - its not super snazzy like some the ones out there, but it does the trick and cleanup isn't too terrible. I don't juice a lot - I want to get more into it. So, here's a call for suggestions: I want to hear what YOUR favorite juice recipes are!

Apple-Carrot-Ginger is pretty sweet and tasty. I feel that I should just mention that I adore ginger, so I added a lot of it here - so much that it burns my tongue a little when I drink it. If you're not so keen on the ginger, I would add it little by little until you find an amount that you're happy with.

This made about 32 oz.


5 apples (mine were Gala)
1 lb carrots
3 tbsp fresh ginger root

1) Wash all your fruits and veggies and cut them into pieces larger enough to fit in your juicer. You don't have to peel them, even the ginger, but you should remove the apple seeds because they contain trace amounts of cyanide. It should be harmless, but you never can be too careful, right?

2) Juice and enjoy! Throw in an ice cube and sip it on your back porch, while swinging in a hammock listening to the most current indie music.

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